INTI International College Subang

A Welcome note from the Dean, School of Business & Communication

The School of Business and Communication (SBC) of INTI International College Subang welcomes you to an exciting and enriching academic journey in the field of business or mass communications. 

The School is keen in delivering high academic quality education and I would like you to keep an open mind in learning new things be it through lectures, tutorials, assessments, practical, workshops, blended learning, activities and so on. 

We in the School of Business and Communication are committed to support and empower you in this enriching academic journey and look forward to your success in making a positive difference. Students in turn are expected to attend classes regularly, participate actively in Blackboard, complete all assessments on time and engage in a constructive discussion with your course mates. 

We hope you have a great college experience and remember to continuously challenge yourself for a greater success. 

Sincerely yours,

Hew Fui Mun

MBA (Marketing), BSc (Human Development)

Dean, School of Business & Communication